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Solar Battery Storage Or Power Grid – The Choice Is Yours

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  • Solar Battery Storage Or Power Grid – The Choice Is Yours

    If you’re going solar, you need to be thinking of home battery storage. If you are investing in solar for energizing your home, you can always collect and store the power that you generate. This power can be saved and used for another time, when you need it the most.

    Solar batteries provide control and a big opportunity for increased savings. They power our home during a blackout and save us from the negative effects of climate change. In United States, the solar industry has been at the forefront of this migration to high-tech stored energy.

    Turning to Residential Battery Storage Can Help You Save Money

    These days, power outages have become quite frequent, due to an aging grid system, which will take years to fix. This is why, more and more people are turning to renewable technologies so as to keep their homes powered during bad weather conditions.

    A solar battery backup can be used when electricity prices are higher during certain times of the day and huge amount of money can be saved. Or it can be used, when the sun goes down every night and the power is pulled from the utility grid. Going solar is undeniably an investment for future.

    Electricity Grid

    Our electricity grid is one of the most amazing engineering accomplishments of the 20th century. The entire network of power plants, transformers, substations, wires and sensors carry electricity to our home and keep our house powered up.

    However, the grid is old and the parts of the network are also a century old. While the government keeps working on updating the grid, homeowners can work on reducing their carbon footprint with the newest renewable energy technology, solar plus storage. And, it can also help save great deal of money on your energy bills.

    Main Distribution Panel

    The electricity grid provides power through a set of wires that are connected to the distribution panel. It is a metal box with circuit switches, usually found in the basement or garage. Your local utility provides electricity to your house using this panel, which then distributes electricity to various parts of the house using the individual circuits.

    The Solar Battery

    A residential battery storage gets charged from the solar panels. It acts like a cushion between the distribution panel and your house. During a power outage, the solar battery turns on and disconnects from the distribution panel for safety purposes. Solar panels are shut off during a power outage by the utility so as to remove electrocution hazards to the workers. The solar battery installed near the distribution panel is rewired to a critical loads panel. During a blackout, the battery discharges power and your house continues to get power, the way you want.

    With a residential battery storage, the lights stay on and all your appliances keep running even during bad weather conditions, blackouts or even outages. So, opt for residential battery storage today and generate, store and manage your own clean affordable solar energy.

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