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Will Ground Mount Solar Would Be A Right Choice For Your Home?

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  • Will Ground Mount Solar Would Be A Right Choice For Your Home?

    Are you installing solar panels at your home, but unsure whether your roof is the best place for them? Well, solar rooftop may give you plenty of convenient options, but ground mount solar panels let you do more with unused space and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a solar home.

    Ground mount solar performs the same work as the solar rooftop, but there are some differences that you would like to consider before investing. Let’s have a look.

    Solar Rooftop Or Ground Mount Solar

    Most photovoltaic cells are mounted on rigid surfaces that operate best when they are under sunlight. To work efficiently and last as long as possible, the panels require stable support structures that can keep them at the optimal angle and stop them from flexing too much.

    Solar rooftop panels use natural angles and structural strength of roof surfaces to form the ideal base for photovoltaic cells. However, on the ground you are not limited by the shape of the place, which means you can choose the best angle to receive the ideal amount of sunlight. To enjoy all these benefits, all you need is a system that includes
    • A steady foundation that minimizes movement. Heavy, above-ground ballast blocks or buried cement footers can be used for the same.
    • A racking structure that supports the panels.

    Many ground mount solar panels come loaded with features that improve their power efficiency. For instance, some ground solar panels have motorized tracking systems in them that allows them to follow the sun all day. These systems can self-adjust by moving many solar panels together or individual cells for higher precision.

    Benefits of Ground Mount Solar

    Do you know, why many Californians believe in investing their money in ground mount solar? These systems have many unique benefits, like
    • Customized positioning at perfect angles for absorbing maximum sunlight, even if the roof is not at the perfect angle.
    • Larger surface areas than any roof can allow
    • Ability to follow the sun and generate consistent output
    • Ease of cleaning and maintenance, since the technician can access the panels without climbing up the roof.

    Roof-mounted solar panels also have their advantages, but it’s always wise to consider the pros and cons of using specific systems on the property.

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