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Do You Know Clogged Gutters Can Trigger Many Hazards?

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  • Do You Know Clogged Gutters Can Trigger Many Hazards?

    One thing that is often neglected by most of the homeowners is gutter cleaning. Cleaning the eaves-troughs is an important task for any homeowner, which should be performed at least twice in a year. If the rain gutter systems are clogged, the overflowing water can damage the landscaping and foundation of the house. This is not it. If the weight of the gutter increases, it can even cause the gutters to pull loose, thus leading to rotten fascia or trim.

    What Clogged Gutters Can Trigger?

    During winters, a clogged rain gutter system can lead to ice damming or even roof leaks. Ice fills the gutters and begin to form up the roof slope. Ultimately, the ice starts forming between the layers of the roofing and back-up into the roof system. Heat inside the house will allow the ice to melt, thus leading to a leak into the structure. So, if you have a lot of trees surrounding your house, you must follow the procedure of cleaning out gutters more frequently.

    Cleaning Out Gutters

    There are many innovative tools available in the market, these days that facilitate in cleaning out gutters. But if you want to go for a standard practice, then it may involve a ladder, gloves, hose, disposal bag, and a garden trowel.

    An average house should be cleaned twice a year, especially during October and May. During the cleaning procedure, it is crucial to wear gloves and ensure that the ladder is secure. A ladder stabilizer can be used to prevent any kind of damage to the gutters or siding.

    You can begin at the downspout with a hose and trowel and make sure that the downspout is free of debris. If a downspout is plugged, you need to dis-assemble and clean it properly. You should scoop and dispose the debris and rinse the trough clean. While rinsing the trough, you can also check for any leaks.

    Gutter cleaning may not be an easy task, but should be carried out by a capable person or you can always opt for professionals to do a quality job. These days, there are ample of options available on the internet. You can always go with a certified professional for proper gutter installation or cleaning.

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