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Does Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing?

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  • Does Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacing?

    If you are wondering that your shingle roof needs servicing, then you should be aware of the several warning signs. Here are a few warning signs that can help you decide whether your roof needs a repair or not.
    • Curling Shingles: Clawing or curling shingles are a sign of an excessive heat and aging roof system. Curled shingles can become rigid and can break easily and lose tab edges, thus leading to wind uplift and ice damage.
    • Missing Granules: Poorly designed valley drainage on the second alley, lack of eavestrough or even poorly placed downspouts can cause a waterfall effect. It can even lead to washing away of the granules over time. If your roof system is aging or if there is any physical damage, it can cause bare spots and loss of granules. If the protective granules of a shingle are lost, it begins to harden due to sun exposure and heat. Thus, granule loss on a roof system accelerates aging and shingle decay and becomes an entry point for water.
    • Broken Flashings: Flashings around skylights, eaves, valleys, rakes, stacks, wall details and chimneys are subject to separation, dried out caulking and lifting. The flashing details can get separated due to general expansion and contraction, which can further cause fasteners to become loose and the bottom-flashing flange to lift, thus allowing water to enter.
    • Broken Shingles: If there are broken or missing singles, it can greatly weaken your roof’s ability to shed water and can become an entry point of water. Excessive wind and physical damage are two common causes of damaged shingles.
    • Buckling Shingles: If you see buckling shingles or waved distortions, which usually run vertically up a roof slope, then that may be a warning sign for roof repair. Buckled shingles can lead to wind and ice damage and can be torn off easily. It can be caused by the age of your roof or even wet or poorly installed underlayment.

    So, if you notice any of these signs, you may need to get a building inspection service done by professionals, without further delay. A roof leak may not be visible immediately on the inside of a home, but if left unnoticed, it can damage insulation and deck sheathing, thus causing your roof replacement costs to grow.

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