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Sticker shock, underground pools

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  • Sticker shock, underground pools

    I'm probably not the only one, but my wife and I recently discussed the pool. We started studying underground pools and had no idea how much they actually cost. I was counting on 20-25 thousand dollars...not even close. Those that are cheaper/smaller, push 30 thousand dollars...and that's not counting the fence. Most of them have a small 3-foot sidewalk around the pool, which is mostly useless. Cheap fences cost about $3k-$4k if you make them yourself. It seems that on average it is about 50 thousand dollars.

    Does anyone have a pool here? How much did you spend? Any regrets?"

    We'll probably put up an overhead line next year, which is only $ 5,000 for the pool and pump / filter. Add a salt water filter, $ 600...and the deck that completely bypasses it is probably the trex decking. It will be diy, so I estimate the cost of the deck at $ 8k...We'll all get less than $ 15,000. I can't swallow the cost of the land...especially being in the state of Pennsylvania, where we can only use the pool for 3 good months. But they are very beautiful!

    No matter how you spin it, swimming pools are luxury items. They are not cheap. They really do require work/content...although "a lot of work" is completely subjective. I've heard it both ways, pools are easy, while others are afraid of it. Will it add value to our home, no! The Earth won't either. In fact, people often pass by homes with pools, unless you are in an area where pools are needed or expected (southern states or higher areas).)

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    You have a good budget, I think that you will be able to do what you want. Your pool will be great.


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