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    Just bought a tractor. Yanmar YT347. Is it good?

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    I had one , I sold it this summer. Yes, it's pretty good relative to its price! There are better options, but this one isn't bad either


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      Now I also buy myself such a tractor. According to the reviews-it's just great. I like it visually, and in terms of characteristics, it is also well arranged. I already have two tractors that I bought on an online service for agricultural machinery but I need another tractor, as my business is growing and expanding! I've read almost all the comments on this thread and I like what they say about this tractor. Your feedback really helps me choose this particular tractor! Judging by your pictures, he's doing a great job! Heh heh heh I didn't see his hooks up close, but thanks to your photo I saw it from this angle, it's pretty cool
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