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    I have started using a CBD cream (Full spectrum) from a reputed manufacturer in Germany ? For the first three days I had an excellent increase in both physical and mental energy. Then I started feeling tired and am having vertigo for the past three days.

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    I didn't even know about the existence of such a cream.


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      The reason for this could be an overdose. You have used much more than recommended. The seller's website should have indicated the dosage, that is, how to use this cream and how many times a day it can be applied. Unfortunately, some sellers prefer not to provide such information. The reason for this may be their lack of professionalism. Before you buy something on a website, you should first study everything well, as this can ultimately affect your health.
      I buy CBD oil at, and here I always find detailed information for each product, the dosage. Be careful and better consult a doctor.