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  • Order adderall online for ADHD

    Side effects of Adderall medicine online for ADHD

    Our world has researched many things and invented very incredible things since the first man took his step on earth. As there are many diseases we have found the cure to many of them and some are still uncured.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. is one of the incurable diseases. It is a neurological disorder in which a person finds it very difficult to pay attention or sit still for a while, doing any task like attending a lecture or listening to a conversation.

    We can’t say that it is a proper cure yet, but doctors suggest that with the help of some medicines and mind therapies it can be improved. There are many medicines for the disorder. The most popular one is Adderall pill.


    Adderall medicine online is a stimulant type of medicine for ADHD. The tablet contains 3/4th amount of d-amphetamine and 1/4th amount of l-amphetamine salts.

    Also, it comes in two forms: IR and XR form. The tablet is approved by FDA for ages of 3 years and above, in IR form.

    And, the XR form comes in 6 variant amounts of mg tablets which are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 mg tablets. It ideally should last about 8 to 10 hours long.

    But like every other medicine, this one also has some side effects too. So you should take it only when prescribed by your doctor. You should avoid this medicine if you or your child
    • If have any heart disease
    • And any problem of high blood pressure
    • Past experience with hyperthyroid
    • Have Glaucoma, which is an eye problem
    • Have a problem of high anxiety or tension
    • Also, have a historical problem of drug abuse
    • If you are on any anti-depression medicine in the past 14 days or
    • Are allergic to any stimulant medicine

    Side effects of Adderall medicine

    There are so many side effects of Adderall medicine as it is a stimulant medicine. It has some serious and common side effects that we will talk about.

    First let’s talk about some of the most common side effects of the Adderall
    • Reduced appetite: Adderall can reduce your or your child’s appetite. You would feel less hungry and eat less than usual.
    • Weight loss: because of the appetite going down, it will result in weight loss. When you eat less your weight will start to decrease.
    • Insomnia: Sometimes it can also affect your sleeping time. You will encounter difficulty in sleeping because of the stimulant.
    • Headaches: Adderall can cause headaches in most of patients. It is the most common side effect of the medicine.
    • Stomach pain: It can sometimes also cause an ache in your stomach.
    • Irritation: The medicine can cause irritability while doing the tasks. It can make you a grumpy and moody person.

    These were the common side effects that a person who takes Adderall may have. Now let’s talk about some serious and dangerous side effects of this medicine
    • Heart problems: It is a very rare problem caused by ADHD medication. But some very rare reports showed heart-related problems such as sudden death, heart attack etc.

    Besides, the FDA looked into these reports and found that many patients who had these problems were having a history of undiagnosed heart defects.

    In conclusion, the FDA said that it was not possible to detect the proper reason for these heart-related problems in the patient who has been taking the medicine Adderall.
    • Hallucinations: The FDA also looked into some other reports of visual hallucinations and aggressive surge in patients taking ADHD medicines.

    The investigation showed an increased risk of hearing voices, suspecting everything for no reason, in patients who were taking these medications.
    • Suicidal thoughts: There is a very tiny increased risk of having suicidal thoughts. Even though there is very low risk of this, examine and observe your child’s behaviour and his mental welfare by asking them about their feelings and thoughts very carefully especially during the first few months of the medication.
    • History of mental health conditions: Patients with pre-existing mental health issues should be carefully observed when using ADHD medications because their situation can get worse if not taken care of.
    • Liver problems: There are very few cases in which the patient has developed liver complications. Patients may have symptoms such as itching, belly pain, dark urine, paling skin, etc.


    Every medicine comes with some sset of side-effects that is why doctors give an adequate prescription. And for that, body and mind examination is important.

    If you are having any complications during Adderall medication you should report these all to your doctor treating your condition.

    You should tell your doctor about the patient’s history of existing heart conditions or family history of heart diseases. Also, it may be very useful in your treatment and help your doctor prescribe you the correct medication that may not affect you wrongly or be harmful to your health.

    I hope this information helped you in the way you wanted it to. For more, you should consult your doctor about your condition.