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2020 is the worst year for me, and many people

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  • 2020 is the worst year for me, and many people

    At COVID 19, I was very panicked and suffering anxiety Disorder. I faced panics like sudden fear or discomfort, which is recurrent panic attacks. I can define panic Disorder as A cluster of physical and cognitive symptoms, including heart palpitations, shortness of breath, derealization, trembling and fear of dying. All this felt like 2020 is the worst time for me.

    Consult a psychiatrist as He took my online session, he declared to me. You have a panic disorder.

    Let me clear What is panic disorder?
    • Catastrophic cognitions and retreat behaviour support this disorder; both need to target.
    • And catastrophic cognition that performs a pivotal role in support of panic attacks should be challenged not only verbally but
    • Also experientially by behavioural experiments, e.g. hyperventilation challenge.

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