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Crohn's and Tooth Decay

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  • Crohn's and Tooth Decay

    Whether Crohn's or Humira increases tooth decay. I haven't been to my dental hygienist for one year and recently went for a brushing session. Now I need 5 fillings and a replacement crown due to rotting. And this is actually just the beginning, because I see other teeth that look and feel like they will need fillings in the near future.

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    there is a good idea to go to dentistry or simply to change the dentist


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      You lost a lot of time and risked your health a lot. It would help if you visited the dentist regularly, every six months. Your situation is much more complicated than you think, and you must take some measures right now.
      I know an excellent clinic that helps not only with consultation but also with an operation. They have qualified surgeons who will help not only with tooth extraction but also with veneers/implants. The guys from are true masters of their craft. In any case, get ready to spend money to heal your teeth.